Building Quality into Every Project

The most visible evidence of our dedication to quality is when our installation professionals put parts, components, and systems to work for our clients’ business objectives. Whether they’re installing a simple component or a huge, complex system, their attention to quality and detail assures our clients of long-term reliability and efficiency.

Poynter’s highly trained installation team have installed thousands of miles of ductwork and countless stairways, platforms, air quality systems and beverage tanks. They’ve handled both small and large projects in every environment from factories, to office buildings, to hospitals, to elementary schools, understanding the unique challenges and needs each type of facility presents.

In addition to traditional applications such as ductwork and structural components, our installation professionals also have experience with specialty products such as architectural cladding – and with specialty materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.

Because we understand that it’s important not to have a negative impact on normal business operations, our crews operate 24/7. We are always there when our customers need us to be there.

NEW shop equipment!! Introducing the Mestek Machinery Laser-Max 1.5!!!!

View video of New Mestek Machinery Laser-Max 1.5