Custom Fabrication

Specialty Fabrication

  • Poynter is an ASME shop carrying both the “R” and the “U” stamp.  With a Certified Welding Instructor on staff.
  • When you’re faced with a particular need and aren’t sure about how to make it work, turn to our specialty fabrication team.
  • We welcome projects large and small, traditional or unusual, using steel or other specialty metals.
  • Projects from small stainless steel fabrications to large aerospace fittings.
  • Precise laser cutting of metals and plastic, precise shearing and bending, and high-quality welding.
  • Superior quality and reliability, whether we’re working with sheet metal, stainless steel, other specialty metals or plastics.
  • Capabilities ideal for everything from tanks and vessels for beverage, food service and pharmaceutical applications to industrial platforms and handrails.