Unveiling Greenwood Public Library Custom Art Project

Unveiling Greenwood Public Library Custom Art Project

Poynter is no longer just a manufacturer of HVAC ductwork. We are now engaging our community with special projects that inspire people.

Last December, Greenwood Public Library’s Director, Cheryl Dobbs, came to Poynter looking for something unique to celebrate their 100th year. “We wanted something that would enhance the aesthetic beauty of the library building, while also inspiring people to think more deeply about what it adds to the quality of life in Greenwood,” Dobbs explained.

Project manager Luke Bland introduced Dobbs to local artist John Racek, who Poynter worked with a couple years ago while doing a similar piece of art for the City of Bloomington. Racek delivered exactly what the library was looking for, and created a beautiful piece comprised of various books titles and encouraging words.

The artwork was then brought to life by Nick West and his enormously talented shop crew, and sent to the library where Kenny Hawkins, Eric Spearing, Tom Johnson and James Mattingly all helped to install it. The piece now hangs for all library patrons to enjoy, hopefully for another 100 years.

To read more about this exciting project, visit: https://soaad.indiana.edu/news-events/_news/2018/daily-journal-racek.html